Where timelessness meets sustainability.

Our philosophy revolves around creating pieces that transcend trends, embracing a sizeless approach to fashion that celebrates individuality. By repurposing deadstock materials sourced from high-end designers, we not only reduce waste but also infuse our collections with a sense of heritage and exclusivity. Join us in our journey towards a more conscious and stylish future, where fashion knows no bounds and waste is a thing of the past.

With her Belgian slow-fashion label and eponymous brand, Véronique Vandewalle offers capsule collections consisting of 100% handmade pieces in limited editions.

VVDW proposes a new aesthetic and focuses mainly on craftsmanship. High-quality fabrics from renowned designers (deadstock fabrics) are used for each piece.

The brand proposes a mix of everyday ‘casual chic’ garments with timeless style and a playful touch in the details. The capsule collection is not seasonal or time-specific.

A characteristic feature of VVDW is its hooded jackets as an ‘eye-catcher’.