Close Up with Elke Helbig, Gallery Zwart Huis.

Close Up with Elke Helbig, Gallery Zwart Huis.

Every now and then we come across a very interesting women whether it's a passion, her job or life wisdom. We decided at Veronique Vandewalle to meet them and ask their opinions on clothing styles, their passions and their thoughts on our brand.  First in line, Elke Helbig, gallery owner at Zwart Huis in Brussels. 

Tuesday, 17 January 2023


VVDW - Elke Helbig Gallerie Zwart Huis

Elke Helbig is the owner & curator of Gallery Zwart Huis, founded in 2001 by Gerda Vander Kerken in Knokke. The gallery, now located in Brussels at “Rivoli” focuses on Belgian contemporary art from the very beginning. Often figurative drawing and painting are the main focus of the gallery's choice, but conceptual artists, sculptors, photographers and designers are also regularly featured. In the early years, Jan Fabre, Carl De Keyzer, Luc Deleu, Benoît van Innis, Karl Meersman, Koen Wastijn, Willem Cole, Ronny Delrue, Johan Tahon, Jan Vanriet, Jan Kempenaers, Ever Meule, Herr Seele, Jan De Vlieger and Liliane Vertessen, among others, are given important solo shows.

  1. What was your initial reaction when VVDW came to you with this collab?
    VVDW's style leans heavily towards mine, as I feel comfortable with a relaxed look yet quite chic. The sweater and pants immediately caught my eye for special occasions. 
  2. How do you feel in a VVDW outfit?
    I feel simultaneously very relaxed but also dressed up when wearing VVDW. The high-quality fabrics are very comfortable, while the typical VVDW cut makes them comfortable but fashionable.  
  3. What do you think makes VVDW different from other designers?
    It is in the ecological approach that Veronique Vandewalle makes a big difference from other designers. By using high-quality fabrics from established brands in new designs of their own, VVDW makes a powerful statement.
  4. In general, which piece in your wardrobe gives the final touch to your outfit?
    Usually, it is a blouse or top that finish my outfit. 
  5. How does the way you dress relate to your environment/work?
    In my work as a gallery owner, stylish and comfortable clothes in which I feel confident are a must. When I am in the gallery or, for example, during a vernissage, I make sure that my outfit blends in and keeps attention from the featured works.
  6. What is your favourite piece in the VVDW collection?
    Definitely the pink trousers! They are elegant and essential at first glance but packed with details. I got a lot of compliments when wearing them at shows. 

Currently, on view, Christophe Coppens - Playdate is still on view until 04.03.2023.  Zwart Huis - Rivoli #20, Chée de Waterloosesteenweg 690, 1190 Brussel

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