Close up with Inge Van Der Haegen.

Close up with Inge Van Der Haegen.

Occasionally, we encounter very interesting women, whether a passion, their job or life wisdom. We wanted to meet and ask their opinions on clothing styles, their passions and their thoughts on our brand. We had a brief talk with Mechelen based 

Artist painter/sculptor Inge Van Der Haegen.

  1. What circumstances do you like to dress for?
    I rarely adapt my dress style to the occasion: whether it's for work, a party or a relaxing evening with friends, I always look pretty much the same. I like a mix of boyish hip-hop 'chill' with a hint of elegance.

  2. What kind of woman do you feel in your VVDW outfit?
    VVDW's pieces make me feel exactly that: I'm not overdressed, but still feel just a bit more unique than in a 13-in-a-dozen outfit. It's in the cut, the cuddly material, the uncommon colours and the asymmetrical details.

  3. What do you think makes VVDW different from other designers?
    I am fond of brands that are just that little bit different. At first glance, the fabrics and cuts seem deceptively simple. But to me, VVDW makes a subtle statement of rebellion and grace. You only see that up close. The choice of fabrics and colour combinations are also timeless. The older I get, the more consciously I buy sustainably. I still wear shoes or trousers now that I bought 20 years ago and also like to combine more expensive items with second-hand finds. It always makes me feel good when my outfit can't just be copied.

  4. In general, which piece in your wardrobe gives the final touch to your outfit?
    My jewellery! I love original, often long earrings and combine them with a whole row of rings-with-a-corner-off. They make me look feminine and make me feel festive even on ordinary week/work days.

  5. How does the way you dress relate to your environment/work?
    I like it when the same outfit feels right on a casual occasion as well as a more formal one.

  6. What is your favourite piece of clothing from the VVDW collection?
    The hoodie: casual, soft and warm, in an uncommon grey-blue, with original details on the sleeves and hood. I wear it both during more formal meetings and just on my bike. And I still do get the question from someone every time I wear it: 'Where did you get that one again!’

  7. How would you describe your style?
    My love calls it shabby chic. I don't like to feel overdressed, it should all feel easy and comfortable. But I do want to look elegant and exude femininity.

  8. How would you describe Veronique Vandewalle's pieces?
    Timeless, cool chic and a touch quirky.

  9. Can we compare the investment in a handmade designer piece to a work of art?
    Both should put you in a fine state of mind as far as I'm concerned. And if they do that for years to come, you have masterpieces in your home (or on your body).
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